Aqua Enviro’s expertise in environmental sustainability benefits Europe manufacturers


Wastewater specialist Aqua Enviro has expanded its expertise working with a number of industrial manufacturers in Europe.

One of these, the family-owned Lowe & Fletcher  group, has benefited from Aqua Enviro’s consultancy advice and technical support.

The Locking Systems Division, which has a number of European manufacturing sites, was seeking an environmental solution to help its business in Bastogne, Belgium to meet EU legislation and reduce capital expenditure on discharging industrial wastewater.

The site, whose lock manufacturing processes include vibrating machines and metal plating, discharges a wastewater stream into the local river. New IPPC consent requirements, due to come into force in 2017 have necessitated a review of existing assets and wastewater treatment and disposal practice.

Wastewater is often difficult to treat from the metal finishing industry because of the need to remove potentially polluting metals to very low concentrations. Aqua Enviro engineers were commissioned to undertake a site audit, review the technology options available and recommend an overall sustainable approach to help the company – which also has major production sites in the UK, France and Poland.

Aqua Enviro provided Lowe & Fletcher with upgrade options, including a recommendation to reuse and refurbish existing equipment, and bolt-on additional treatment processes. The consultancy is now providing on-going expert advice to the manufacturing business while it implements these recommendations.

Operations Manager, Rowland Minall, said: “Treating wastewater in the metal finishing industry can often be difficult, working with Lowe & Fletcher, we decided to take a holistic approach to the company’s overall effluent plan site needs for the whole site.”

“The recommendations will meet increasingly stringent EU legislation targets and help meet the needs of an effective wastewater treatment system on site.”

Philip Walker, Group Managing Director of Lowe & Fletcher’s Locking Systems Division, said: “Aqua Enviro has really helped us to come up with cost-effective solutions which will ensure that we meet our environmental requirements in the medium to long term.

It has good up-to-date knowledge of both likely future legislation and best practice which gives us confidence in the solutions proposed.

Aqua Enviro is a leading environmental consultancy and conference training provider which specializes in the fields of water, wastewater and organic waste treatment and is based in Wakefield, UK.

The company offers a number of comprehensive services include consultancy, laboratory trials and analysis, process engineering and research, working across a huge range of sectors and industry, from the major UK water companies to manufacturing and waste management organisations.

For more information please contact Paul Pickard,  Technical Sales Manager  +44 (0)1924 242255 or e.

Posted 26th August 2015
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