Aqua Enviro collaborates with Yorkshire Water for site sampling and jar tests


Aqua Enviro have been working alongside Yorkshire Water to support the initial trials of a new Phosphorus removal scheme, being implemented throughout the Yorkshire Water catchment. The preliminary testing (for CIP) including diurnal and composite sampling to determine and characterise both phosphorous loads to the site and settlement tank performance.  The first phase of work started in July 2016 and was completed towards the end of August. Further phases of the phosphorus removal trials may be undertaken in 2017.

While a small amount of Phosphorus is harmless and is an essential part of many ecosystems it can become damaging to human and animal life when unmanaged. Excessive amounts of Phosphorus create a process called Eutrophication- this is a term used to describe the natural ageing of a body of water. Too much Phosphorus speeds this process up by creating more nutrients, thus encouraging plants to grow faster which makes them decompose quicker. Climate change, pollution and poor land management emphasises the process even further and becomes detrimental to Yorkshire’s biodiversity.

Sampling and analysis is the first stage of information gathering which gives a better understanding of the site and its requirements. To improve the water ecosystem’s effluent, Phosphorus consents are being tightened across the UK as part of the Water Framework Directive. The WFD is an organisation that drives continual improvements in the aquatic environment. Completion of the project will yield significant benefits to the water quality throughout Yorkshire.

Aqua Enviro have worked closely with Yorkshire Water engineers and site operators to develop bespoke laboratory testing methods, integrating Jar Testing and Sludge Analysis so that the information will feed into wider strategic aims throughout the region.  Rowland Minall the Operations Manager for Aqua Enviro has said:

“We are delighted to be supporting Yorkshire Water with the management of this programme, we look forward to meeting and exceeding further delivery expectations.”

Posted 15th December 2016
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