Sampling Services for AMP6 Wastewater Disinfection Projects

The requirement for disinfection of wastewater discharges into the environment has become more common due to EU legislation such as the revised Bathing Water Directive and the Shellfish Waters Directive.  The disinfection of final effluent is quite different to the disinfection of intermittent discharges from storm overflows and CSO’s.  Final effluent disinfection represents a high investment and carbon impact due to the volumes treated and operation on-time, whilst the highly variable composition of intermittent discharges presents a different challenge.

Having accurate characterisation of the wastewater specifically of the physical composition including UV transmissivity (UVT) and the microbiology is critical in developing efficient solutions.  This often requires rapid response sampling and specialist microbiology testing along with collimated beam testing (CBT) to allow a UV solution to be tailored to the application.

Aqua Enviro has been engaged on a number of disinfection schemes to obtain this critical data.  This kind of sampling differs from normal wastewater sampling schemes in many ways with a need for a bespoke and flexible approach to obtain the required information.  Specifically this has included:

  • 24/7 cover for storm events with 60 minute response times to implement intensive sampling
  • Guaranteed same day delivery to laboratories to facilitate specialist microbiological assessment such as collimated beam testing (CBT)
  • Development of profiles to correlate UV transmissivity with the pathogen enumeration
  • Marine sampling around key outfalls to understand dispersion patterns
  • Flow monitoring to quantify storm events

To discuss any requirements for these services please contact Paul Pickard,  Technical Sales Manager  +44 (0)1924 242255 or e.



Posted 20th July 2016
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