Our aim is to maximise the value and minimise the risk associated with the management and anaerobic digestion of a wide range of bioresources, including food waste, manures and slurries, crop residues, biosolids and biomass ashes.

Aqua Enviro offer impartial advice and support on all aspects of anaerobic digestion, from feedstock specification and pre-treatment to digestate quality management and enhancement. We will work with you to de-risk and optimise your process, whether you process waste materials (source-segregated or mixed), energy crops, or agricultural residues.

Over the last 20 years, we have been at the forefront of the anaerobic digestion (AD) market in the UK. Aqua Enviro’s previous and current projects include multiple technical support contracts combining training, PAS 110, process optimisation, bespoke investigation, troubleshooting and digester monitoring support.

Other previous projects include the process verification of the £26m thermal hydrolysis plant at Bran Sands for Northumbrian Water, food waste and MBT digestion facilities, and high rate AD processes for complex liquid effluents. Some examples of our key services our listed below

Process optimisation and support – Maximising biogas production and enhancing day-to-day operability

• Feedstock characterisation and recipe formulation
• Design and implementation of performance monitoring plans
• Trace element testing and interpretation
• Training for operators and plant managers
• Plant Data interpretation and reporting (including remote SCADA log-in and support)

Digestate quality and value added – Meeting customer requirements and developing products

• PAS 110 and BCS compliance
• HACCP planning
• Product development and testing, from glasshouse to field
• Regulatory compliance / end-of-waste

"I was first introduced to Aqua Enviro, through their training courses/conferences specifically relating to Anaerobic Digestion. I found their courses to be excellent and a good foundation for operators of process facilities.

Recently I have utilised Aqua Enviro for bespoke services in the laboratory. These tests have involved start up/ramp-up optimisation for mesophilic and thermophilic digesters as well as studies on advanced sludge dewatering techniques. I have found their approach to trials to be flexible and accurate and closely modelled the actual plant conditions. For example, the inhibition of Thermophilic AD followed the actual start-up conditions allowing me to manage and mitigate the associated operational problems."
Allan Crowe, FBW Engineering Services

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