Selby Renewable Energy Park Treatability Trial

Selby Renewable Energy Park is a £20m project to transform the former Tate & Lyle citric acid production site in Selby into one of the UK’s leading renewable energy parks.

The Biothane UASB Effluent Treatment Plant at Selby Renewable Energy Park

The site will use anaerobic digestion technology to recycle commercial food waste using a new CSTR anaerobic digestion plant.  Additionally, high strength liquid waste will also be treated using the existing on-site effluent treatment plant.  It is anticipated the site will generate 32,000 MW of clean renewable energy annually; enough to power 10,800 homes.The existing effluent treatment plant comprises an upflow anaerobic sludge blanket (UASB) process, with a CHP plant to utilise the biogas. Aqua Enviro were appointed to carry out treatability trials to assess the condition and activity of the granular biomass after 12 months shutdown, determine the suitability of new feedstocks and to provide the process requirements for re-commissioning of the works.

The trials used a laboratory scale UASB reactor which was operated under a range of temperatures, loading rates and hydraulic retention times to assess the optimum operational regime.

The study was designed to ensure the full scale process could be effectively re-commissioned to optimise biogas production and ensure effluent quality compliance.

Laboratory Pilot UASB Reactor used to mimic a range of operating regimes and loading ratesAdam Bentham, general manager for Selby Renewable Energy Park recognised the importance of upfront testing, “Aqua Enviro’s trials have demonstrated the activity of the existing biomass and allowed us to develop a re-commissioning strategy with optimum feedstocks to optimise treatment efficiency”.

Posted 1st June 2009
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