Tackling Odour at Wastewater Treatment Works

Odour generation and its release into the atmosphere is becoming of increasing importance to many effluent treatment plants. In addition to the general sense of environmental responsibility, in many areas, odour complaints can constitute a statutory nuisance and lead to costly disciplinary action by the local authorities.

Most odours at effluent treatment plants are generated by one of two processes:

  • Volatilisation of organic material present in the waste stream
  • Bacterial metabolism resulting in the production of malodorous, gaseous end products

The latter is most common and is usually associated with the metabolism of sulphur containing compounds producing mercaptans and hydrogen sulphide, or nitrogen containing compounds that generate amines.  Aqua Enviro have a great deal of experience in the abatement of odour issues and are able to attend site to complete surveys focused on identifying the key areas of site which possess the greatest potential for odour generation. Once completed a suitable odour abatement strategy can be developed and managed on site to:

  • Reduce the input of Sulphur containing compounds through chemical dosing
  • Enhance the degradation and adsorption of malodorous compounds and thus prevent their release
  • Avoid formation of malodorous compound
  • Restrict emission of malodorous compounds

Aqua Enviro were recently commissioned to carry out a sulphur audit across the sludge streams of a 1 million PE WwTW’s. This identified a number of key bottlenecks where excessive sludge retention times were causing sulphur release – A number of simple pumping set-point changes based upon the project findings resulted in a net saving of >£250k per year through:

  • Reduced COD solubilisation prior to sludge thickening resulting in increased biogas yield
  • Reduced chemical requirement for odour control units
  • Reduced aeration requirement due to improved return liquor quality

We offer a range of services for the investigation and management of odour abatement; please contact us for more information.

Posted 16th September 2011
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