Technical Training with Yorkshire Water Product & Process Engineers

Aqua Enviro rolled out a wastewater process training scheme with Yorkshire Water delivering technical training for Yorkshire Water Product & Process Engineers (PPEs) on key wastewater treatment assets. This particular training is part of a wider package of courses that are being provided to PPE’s to ensure that their role on site is carried out securely and proficiently.

The eight-week training course began on the 5th of January and finished on the 23rd of February 2017. The training was conducted across seven sites throughout the Yorkshire region with over 82 members of Yorkshire Water engineers undertaking the 1-day course.

Aqua Enviro’s Matthew Smyth, Associate Technical Director and Rowland Minall, Operations Manager delivered expert training and support to the PPE’s through a bespoke ASP operations and optimisation training package, which has been specifically designed for Yorkshire Water.

The purpose of the training was to provide the PPE’s with increased knowledge and awareness of the Yorkshire Water ASP assets, which will allow them to operate and optimise more efficiently. The specifically tailored training complements the PPE role; enhancing previously gained skills and develop the site based learning. Through a combination of experience and a comprehensive understanding of wastewater treatment works, Aqua Enviro trainers are able to discuss wastewater specific and site specific issues on the day, ensuring that the training is current, relevant and appropriate to the trainee’s.

Aqua Enviro were supported throughout the roll out of the training programme by Erica Lack who commented: “At Yorkshire Water we work hard to be efficient in everything we do. We see efficiency as being a key way we can deliver our commitments to customers. The training from Aqua Enviro will allow us to have technical process conversations with colleagues across the business ensuring that we will take the right action to ensure compliance and optimisation of the assets.”

Posted 7th March 2017
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