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Aqua Enviro, the wastewater solutions specialists now offer a comprehensive mobile wastewater testing service. Our specially-equipped vans offer either on-site standard analysis (what we refer to as a ‘sanitary’ analysis) or on-site wastewater epidemiology – including testing for SARS-CoV2 – the precursor to COVID 19.   Now, confidential wastewater testing and analysis is available almost anywhere with results in just 4-5 hours.

Mobile water testing

Our service is different as we bring our mobile analysis lab to you. Fully-equipped and staffed by qualified technicians, our site sampling is faster than traditional lab testing as mobile analysis delivers results in as little as five hours from the start of wastewater sampling. The savings that can be made (in logistics, administration, and potentially lost business) by testing wastewater on-site are potentially huge.

Water testing for business continuity

Testing wastewater on site at businesses allows monitoring of critical processes almost as it happens. Especially in a pandemic, water treatment systems in many facilities as well as healthcare and leisure locations need monitoring closely and an on-site wastewater analysis allows informed decisions to be taken quickly.

Water testing with faster results

Wastewater analysis within hours could make the difference between a facility staying open or closing. Our mobile testing labs allow informed decision making as results are delivered in hours not days. Our mobile testing labs can be on-site first thing in the morning and starting to deliver results in the afternoon. Wastewater testing just got a lot faster.

Wastewater based epidemiology

Testing wastewater can act as an early warning of potential outbreaks.  On-site wastewater based epidemiology (WBE) can alert management of the presence of the virus far earlier than individual testing, vastly reducing outbreaks or potential shutdowns in public facilities like healthcare, education, care homes and leisure locations. Wastewater testing for COVID 19 is also far more reliable than individuals self-administering lateral flow tests and much quicker than PCR tests based on sample been posted to laboratories.

Wastewater based epidemiology service vs conventional labs

A conventional lab-based SARS-CoV2 RNA test will only show a COVID result 7-10 days after the sample is taken.  People can often carry the virus for up to 5 days prior to the onset of symptoms; utilising wastewater monitoring, it is detectable in faecal matter almost immediately  after infection. Although wastewater analysis won’t show who has the virus, it alerts facility management to its presence so action can be taken quickly – vital in a pandemic.

Fast water testing

Aqua Enviro mobile analysis vans can be deployed to almost anywhere in the UK at short notice. From set-up and sampling, initial results can be obtained fast – in around 4-5 hours (as opposed to several days for conventional COVID tests.)  This gives facilities early warning of potential on-site issues.

Mobile water testing service

Our fully-equipped mobile testing vans are equipped for site sampling and to run epidemiological tests as well as a full suite of sanitary water tests for industry. Mobile analysis will save money and more importantly, time.

Instant management reporting

Reporting of data of our wastewater monitoring can be accessed via a secure web portal, allowing total confidentiality. This ensures ‘need to know’ access to what might be sensitive data.

Reliable water testing service

Our WBE testing service is far more reliable than self-administered lateral flow tests when testing for COVID. We use state of the art diurnal and composite autosamplers – to the same specifications as in our central lab.

What can we test for with WBE?

Recently the main uses for WBE (water based epidemiology) has been wastewater analysis to detect SARS-CoV-2, the precursor to COVID 19. Collection of water samples can also be used to detect other viruses and samples can be analysed for illegal drugs and even substances used to synthesise illegal drugs. Other substances that information can be supplied on when testing wastewater in our mobile vehicle-based labs include pH, conductivity, temperature, turbidity, COD, BOD, ORP NH4 (ammonia) and PO4 (ortho-phosphate.)

Early virus detection with water testing

The presence of COVID 19 can be detected by wastewater analysis far more quickly that by any other method. Our wastewater monitoring mobile units can supply initial data in under five hours – comparing favourably with other technologies. This gives facilities early warning of potential issues and allows informed decision making.

Early warning COVID test

Our wastewater monitoring can check for the presence of coronavirus in water so acts as an early warning COVID test. Its far faster speed compared with conventional COVID-19 lab testing on individuals can be invaluable in a pandemic.

Norovirus testing

Norovirus can also be checked for in our advanced water testing mobile units. Norovirus testing is important in hospitality and leisure settings, and regular WBE testing for this can help prevent outbreaks.

Drugs and other viruses

Using WBE it is also possible to detect many other viruses and protect against outbreaks. It is also in use regularly at music festivals and in penal/detention facilities to check for illegal drug use.

Who might need WBE

Since late 2019, WBE testing of wastewater is being used in many more places – and is playing its part to beat the pandemic. Acting as an early warning COVID test, our mobile labs are designed for testing wastewater in a wide variety of locations. From manufacturing to cruise ships, many organisations want the security of knowing of potential challenges in advance.

WBE to enable travel and holidays

COVID-19 has badly affected the travel industry. WBE testing can be used to test for it in airports, resorts and on cruise ships to allow faster decision making by management.

WBE for essential industries

Wastewater treatment testing for essential industries (for instance, call centres, labs and public service organisations) will allow management to project absence levels due to illness and therefore staff accordingly.

Mobile testing for standard sanitary analysis

A standard analysis of water carried out by an Aqua Enviro mobile lab includes site sampling and then a full physical, chemical and bacteriological analysis. Mobile testing units are equipped with industry-standard sampling equipment including diurnal and composite autosamplers which can be deployed into the field. We provide a full end-to-end managed service, delivering results within a few hours. If requested, this can be sent to a secure web portal to ensure data security.

Mobile sanitary analysis

Our mobile units can be sited almost anywhere in the UK and are fully self-contained. Mobile testing ensures sample security and up to date information for management – allowing informed decision making.

Fast sanitary analysis

Once we have obtained samples, a full standard mobile analysis can normally be delivered fast – in 4-5 hours.  Results can be made available via a secure web page, in a form to suit clients’ requirements.

Easy management of sanitary analysis

As our mobile analysis vans come to our clients, it’s easy for them to manage. Our technicians will set up autosamplers, gather samples and then supply a full report – all within a few hours.

What can we test for?

Our standard wastewater analysis includes pH, conductivity, temperature, turbidity, COD, BOD, ORP, NH4 (ammonia) and P (phosphorus.)  If required, we can also undertake WBE (water based epidemiology) on a wastewater analysis to check for viruses including COVID 19.

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"Aqua Enviro came highly recommended and have more than fulfilled our expectations.

Collecting representative samples at a building level was always one of the major challenges for our wastewater surveillance project and achieving this has required considerable innovation and trouble-shooting by AE. As our ‘boots on the ground’.

AE continue to provide an excellent service and have routinely gone above and beyond to ensure sample collection has continued despite multiple logistical and practical challenges.

As a Covid-19 pandemic response project, our priorities and objectives have been continually revised at short notice, and AE have reliably and resourcefully responded each time."
Professor of Environmental Science, Middlesex University

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